Fernihough Skibinski Law Firm’s Legal Services

Fernihough Skibinski Law Firm offers the following legal services in the Hamilton, Ontario area:


Fernihough Skibinski Law Firm specializes in residential and commercial real estate transactions across the Province of Ontario.

Whether moving into your new home or into your new business having the professionals at Fernihough Skibinski Law Firm handling your transaction can save you time and money and avoid potential headaches.


Whether you are in the beginning stages of setting up your business or corporation, or whether you have been in business for many years and are looking to make some changes, Fernihough Skibinski Law Firm can help you with any stage of the process that you find yourself in.


Effective estate planning is essential in avoiding future confusion and potential family conflict. Richard Skibinski has over 35 years of experience in estate planning, administration and estate litigation.

Our knowledge and expertise can help to effectively guide all of our client’s to their desired results and provide peace of mind.


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